Behind the scenes of The Dusty Rabbit box truck speakeasy

Behind the Scenes of The Dusty Rabbit from Speakeasy

Last week, we decided to drive to Las Vegas to check out the tech scene,, the revitalization efforts of downtown Vegas spearheaded by Downtown Project, and the intriguing vision to remake a city in the middle of the desert. Since it is our habit to put on crazy events whenever we can, we decided it would be thematically appropriate to build a speakeasy in a box truck for First Friday.

We called Zappos CLT to get help finding a white box truck, covered the inside with red fabric, found a nice dark wood bar on Amazon, and our friend Andra from SUSHISAMBA strip to pour old fashioned cocktails with a modern flair. (You can find the recipes here!)

Our first stop was Speaker Series where Kacy Qua from X PRIZE was giving a talk. As the portable building emptied, our little speakeasy filled right up. We served about half the people we met last week – glad to be of service!

Later that night, after First Friday wound down, we decided to bring The Dusty Rabbit out again for round 2. We found a good spot on 6th St. between Fremont and Carson next to the soon-to-open Commonwealth to keep the drinks flowing. After a couple text blasts from the illustrious Krissee Danger, the patrons multiplied and the swing music was roaring.

What we found in Las Vegas was a super vibrant, amazing community of urbanists, developers, entrepreneurs, and people who are just passionate about living. It was a strange juxtaposition with the smoky casino floor at the El Cortez – truly a mix of old and new. We are pleased to say that we are coming back for Halloween to check out the Las Vegas Halloween Parade, a surprisingly recent addition to the Las Vegas cultural landscape. Not sure if The Dusty Rabbit will ride again, but we’ll be up to something 😉


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